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  1. hey how have you been? It's has been quite a while
  2. hello there .
  3. actually,u dont have to make ur message long.if u want it to b short,just type it and put a lot of spaces until u reach the requirement.end it with a period and walla!take this for example.......
  4. sounds like a good time to me :P I'm not liking how i always have to add giberage to make these messages meet the length requirement
  5. well,i do some art evry once and a while too(hence why im taking commercial arts).i like parties but nevr invited to any(god knows why.i can b fun.....*wink wink*)but i do hang with friends.other than that,i play video games to pass the time.
  6. ouu trench coats are always fun.
    Hmm.. other things for fun...
    well I work on art portfolio, I hang out, go to parties and such.
    What about you?
  7. heh.i nevr can get my hands on material to make any.howevr,i am looking to buy a trench coat from a game on ebay once i get a job.........which will hopefully b soon.cant wait til thenso wut else do u do for fun?
  8. aww hehe
    that's ok.
    have you tried making them your self???
  9. ....sorry,nevr heard of them.sounds fun either no cosplay fan but i was always wanted to get some clothes from some anime shows or broke thougho well.
  10. hehe well I enjoy as some of the characters from loveless and The demon ororon. Those are only a couple.
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