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  1. Sorry I wont be on here much any more if you want to get a hold of me or talk to me you can call or txt me at this number 740-974-4563

    btw I am with a sweet guy named Jacob now I been very happy
  2. hey wats up how is everything going? .
  3. Yeah, Zach and I broke up he told me his parents don't want me or him together so we broke up and also because I still have feelings for Roger also the whole time him and I was together he treat me poorly and was a jerk and mean to me the whole time and told me he had a right to be mean to be and I don't desuve anything... and when Roger came over to my place to tell me how sorry he was in tears once I huged him I felt torn and so said then I started to cry. I do still wish Roger and I was together the only reason Roger and I broke up was because his friends told him I was cheating on him with one of my friends and I wasn't. Today I think he is coming over and him and I are going to talk... v.v been kinda down about it every time I see Rogers face and look into his eyes I fall for him all over again and my heart feels like its about to come out of my chest....
  4. lol and awww yay how cool and if this weekens weather is perfect i might get to meet sumbody
  5. Yeah he lives in IN. not that far but I plan to move in with him. ^ ^
  6. thats awsome i sooo happy for u and does he live close to u lol yay
  7. He is the sweetest boy you will ever met and so forgiving and I am so happy he took me back. He is the most caring most loving guy ever! I love him so much! I am taking him to prom on April 30 so him and I will get to see each other again hehe.
  8. awww im so happy for u , wats he like lol ? is he really nice lol?
  9. I am back with Zach and he is the most sweetest most wonderful guy there ever is.
  10. owow umm wats zach like is he nicer than roger and i hope everything is ok
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