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  1. Oh yeah? Awesome! I haven't found a dress yet I am going to go look for one shortly when I get the time to. ^^
  2. that sounds like hellla fun dude i think me and a few friends are going todo that when we granduate lol and sweet did u find a dresss???
  3. I am doing good thanks I just can't wait to GRADUATE and I am looking foreword to PROM! I so can't wait hehehe. Once I graduate my bf and my best friends are all moving in together I can't wait!
  4. nm wbu u lol and im good lol how u doing lol ????????????????????
  5. Hey Girl! How have you been anything new going on with you lately??
  6. Hello long time no chat how have you been anything new going on with you lately? I have a new bf his name is Roger I love him so much! He doesn't tell me what to do and yell at me like the other one did. He is very sweet Roger and I are planning to move in together once I finish school which is on may 29, 2011!! So how has your day been?
  7. hi and sure and my name is emily and my day is good hows ur day?
  8. hey ninja ^_^ waz up how are you doing today?.? my name is jenny wanna be friends?.?
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