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  1. fine ths is weaird but will u marry me agine? there u happy now?!
  2. how can i be happy huh how god damn it how how how how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. no one hates so dont do that were only dont worry just be happy!
  4. find ur a fcuking alil bitch ahhh im going to scream or cry lol
  5. you are so freacking mean to me! thats it im divorsing you!*fills out divorse papers* there we are now divorsed!
  6. ur not alone im here im was uploading pics l;ol!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i feel so lonely! my lonely lonerness is kicking in!....................................
  8. uhhhhhhhhhh? yea i would love to.!(yes he asked nd i said yes!)
  9. what ??????????????????????? he just ask u to marry u thats so cute and what the hell btw u cant kill ne haha lol .. (so will u marry me ?)
  10. oh?! ummmmm i might still kill her but u want to marry me?
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