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  1. dude i need help with music i got and ipod touch lol and we so need to hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. I totally miss you too and I know the 50 letter thing sucks
  3. hopefully u will i miss you alot
    ugg i hate the 50letter crap
  4. I'll try and think of something to do.I havent hung out with any from school its been a straight month of solutude and thats what I kinda needed,I think I might start hangin out with ppl again
  5. umm my summer isnt that good nomore and yeah we really should hang out this summer lol
  6. hey hey summer goin ok,I havent been doin much just chillin at home.We should hang or something be4 summer ends.Hows your summer?
  7. hey whats up, lol hows ur summer!!!!!!!!!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats upand is it the sky
  9. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats up lol better get out of way
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