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  1. UR freaking wierd dude wat the helll im going to killl u and nobody can stop me hahahahhahahahahha
  2. hahahhahahahhahaha wtf is wrong with u .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats it im going to killll u >
  3. sweetheart im going to take you to the funny farm.
  4. hahhhaha i can not die hahahahahahha and smacks u in the arm..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. u are insane woman! and i hope u die from that candy! 8reaches over and swats ur haed!*
  6. ill make sure i killl him and ur bf hahahahahahahahaha(coughs im chokeing on candy lol)
  7. deidara can go suck dick hes a girly mon and stupid btw and i can easly kill him cuz ik his powers very well
  8. soooo we can still take care of him.... obvisaly deidara did it befor!
  9. u can go to hell he might be one anymore but hes still strong as hell!!!!!!!!!
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