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  1. lol I would like..die. xD That wouldn't be good. D:
  2. That's a good thing. It would suck if the teacher/choreographer expected you to be able to dance as good as Fred Astare or Michael Jackson. LOL.
  3. Thank you. ^^ I tried the dance moves, the one teaching us gave us simple moves. >_> So I'm happy lol
  4. Well, I wish you the best of luck in your play. I'm sure you'll do well. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that anybody can do anything they put their mind to.
  5. lol I never danced before. Buuut, the play demands it. x_x We're dancing to the song "Love is a Battlefield". lol
  6. I'm a horrible dancer but I can play Dance Dance Revolution. LOL.
  7. I'm doing good. xD Applying to a bunch of jobs and working on my college's theatre production. It's a lot of work. D: More or less because we have to know dance moves..and I'm terrible at dancing. lol
  8. Not related to drawing at all, LOL.

    I'm doin' okay. Thanks for asking!
    Midterms aside, I've just been looking for a new job so I can get a new apartment and travel for a few days in late winter/early spring. How about yourself? How are you doin'?
  9. Completely. :3 Besides all that jazz, how are you? I read about your midterms. I'm slightly jealous. xD Only because my drawing midterm I have to do a 10 minute public speech about a interpretative dancer. SO not related to drawing. xD
  10. Oh, yeah. I'm fine. I'm just real passionate when it comes to equality and people respecting other people as equals. Just doin' what I feel is right. y'know?
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