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  1. I understand. That's why I didn't get into a debate about religion after his post, but tried throwing a dash of science to prove homosexuality isn't a choice. xD

    I just realized you were getting kinda frustrated, so I just wanted to make sure you were okay. ^^;
  2. I don't remember blocking PMs from anybody. If I did, it may have been accidental and I apologize. But, Yeah... I'm not upset over another human being having their own opinions. I just feel like nobody has the right to have a bias opinion without even taking time to know what the people on the other side experience. Ya smell what I'm sizzilin'? ^_^
  3. I wanted to private message you, but you blocked it. xD I was going to say, don't be bother about what the guy says about gay rights. D: I've come to notice over the years more religious people are, the harder it is to make them more open minded about the world. >_>;
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