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  1. Wow. Well thas a shame. It was the sexy heels that got u in trouble wasn't it?
  2. I used to dress in the gothic lolita style. I stopped once I went to college. I go to school in a really bad city and it attracted unwanted attention from sketchy guys.(though the school is amazing oddly enough) I had to call the police on one ;__; . Ever since then I only dress up when I go out with friends.Though I still incorporate the Victorian style in my clothes..just with pants and lack of heels. x.x
  3. Hmm, do you dress in black and whatnot? Gothy? I'm into metal too. Everything really. From Deathcore to Rap to Trance. But I love them all, I wear spikes wristbands and I've got 3 piercings, I may have 5 soon. But I'm not too my sense of humor kinda negates it. But I dress 1/3 metal, 1/3 hip-hop, and 1/3 geeky.

    So you may see me with giant skullcandy headphones with skulls all over it, my spiked wristbands, baggy pants and nikes, and a shirt with Batman or Ichigo from Bleach on it. lol, I'm very different.
  4. Really big metal head. :P I like Symphonic Metal and other sub-genres: Opera Metal ,Symphonic Black Metal, Neo-Classical etc etc. >.>
  5. So we've covered that your taste in movies are absolutely awesome. What about music?
  6. I'm excited to be back in college. xD Hate my job and needed a break from it.

    As for favorite horror film , I really can't decide. I watched so many over the years ..though I think is might be Sauna. It's very deep, thought provoking and reminds me a lot of a medieval version of the Silent Hill series. It wasn't scary (I haven't got frightened over a video since Marble Hornets), but it was very psychological and I love that in a film.
  7. Which part is your favorite? I like number two the best, even though Army of Darkness was amazing. I really enjoyed how Evil Dead 2 was built more on horror and I thought it was hysterical.

    I'm gonna remake my signature, since I have a 4 day vacation from college I'll definitely have time between chores and work.
  8. It makes sense. Since ur favourite anime is Hellsing Ultimate. It kind of offsets ur sig and avi lol. I'm a bit of a horror nut myself. Just watched The Evil Dead a couple hours ago actually.
  9. Your asylum's better than mine! Mine is boring with dreary four walls, constant screaming and a PC. Boo.

    While my avatar and signature are very happy looking, I'm actually a huge horror nut. xD
  10. I see that. I suppose it's because we're both crazies. It's nice to meet one of my own. It's dark and rank. A lot of dripping noises along with the smell of cigarettes. But it has free cable, internet and a 360. So I'm content :]. Urs?
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