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  1. Mythology huh, that sounds like fun.*need 50 characters*
  2. It was some mythology homework but I got it down so yay.
  3. That's fine, I'm forgetful too. What homework are you working on?
  4. Good good, just working one some homework and apperently I forgot to reply silly me
  5. Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you?
  6. Yeah. So how are you? Are you enjoying your time here?
  7. Ah well, at least she has you to provide moral support and stuff
  8. Yeah. It doesn't help that her mom smokes around her, it only makes it tougher.
  9. Quitting is hard at least she's doing it before she gets the hole in the throat xD
  10. Yeah, I have a girlfriend that smokes and is trying to quit.
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