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  1. Totally. -steals cookie- If we weren't depressing, then we wouldn't be called teenagers. :3
  2. *noms cookie* You teenagers are such a depressing lot :3
  3. Actually. Kinda depressed. My best friend, whom I love more than anyone else, is extremely depressed because people are ****ing retards.... and his depression has managed to rub off on me and kasldjflakdjf ****. **** people are stupid.
  4. So aside from crying for no apparent reason how have you been ?
  5. Indeed it is.
  6. Cake is lovely ~
  7. Well... No. I was going to eat the cake regardless. So that doesn't matter.
  8. lol ah poor kid I guess you ate that cake for no reason then :3
  9. I KNOW I'M A CRYBABY! And I just found out that I was sad about it for no reason. Because the person who told me that I was rushing it, didn't know I was playing the first parts because he's used to hearing me play the second parts, which in this part, 1st has quarter notes and 2nd has whole notes. So he thought I was rushing. But my conductor told me I was playing it how I was supposed to this morning. So this kid lied to me and made me upset over nothing!!!!!
  10. Then it wasn't a total failure you big crybaby :3
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