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  1. The rest of it went smoothly. Once I found the tempo again, I could do it. But when Willis stopped and restarted that part, I couldn't do it. Again. But once we got past it to the more fun parts, I did just fine. 2nd and 1st are so much alike for this song, with a few exceptions.
  2. How did you handle the rest of it? *eats your cake*
  3. Because I totally messed up on the easiest part of 1st clarinet in Toccata for Band. I totally messed up. I practiced this part so hard all weekend. And when I got to play it, I screwed up. And I rushed everything. And it was the easiest part! ;A; -continues to drown self pity in cake-
  4. *takes the cake and eats it* and why are you sad ?
  5. Ah. I see. I'm eating cake... to drown out my sorrows.
  6. Getting ready for class ~
  7. Ah. So what are you doing, Bro?
  8. naw they battery died and I'm too lazy to buy a new one
  9. Pfft. Maybe they should be turned on?
  10. My sarcasm sensors are offline at the moment ~.~
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