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  1. Yup....damn spilled sauce on my jacket D;
  2. Ah. I see. :3
  3. sowwe i only had 2 minutes to type in in before I had to run off to do something :3
  4. ukewakfjaklsdjf Don't worry is the worst advice. OTL OTL It only makes me worry more. OTL
  5. If she sucks don't worry, Your teacher won't judge you on one performance so don't worry and have fun!
  6. I care. I won't lose my position of second clarinet. But I'm supposed to be 1st next year because Kate is graduating this year. And if I don't make a good impression, I don't think Mr. Wieloszynski will give me my 1st seat next year. He'll give it to Emily. And she absolutely sucks. She has a ton of confidence. But she's terrible at clarinet.
  7. If you fail...who cares you're second clarinet it's not like you'll lose your position. If you're great then great you'll shine!
  8. That's not what I meant... I mean, mentally and emotionally. You see, my conductor suddenly told me this morning when I was dropping off my clarinet before 1st period about a plan in case our 1st clarinet cannot play all of a sudden. I play second and our section is small because we are a small band. We only have 4 clarinets... 2 on 3rd, me on 2nd, and Kate on 1st. Well then he suddenly told me that Kate wasn't going to be here for our concert in 30 days.... Which means I have to change parts... I have to move to the 1st clarinet parts... I've always looked forward to be 1st clarinet... It's honestly what I want... But... now I'm extremely nervous. The notes are higher, which I knew would happen. But the parts aren't too different. But I'm afraid I'll mess up big time.............. So I think my slow dying process has suddenly sped up. -hugs- ;A;
  9. *sips tea* We're all dying, what's your story ?
  10. I think I'm dying....
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