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  1. lol thanks....I're cute too xD
  2. yeah yeah don't try to seem like a clever person citty chan yeah well it would be strange when i would tell a guy he is cute i considered your feelings, okey?
  3. isn't that a contradiction? hrmmm? kind of but really? xD
  4. yeah my brain is going ouchiee : D well you are kind of REAALLY cute <3
  5. because I like making your head go ouchie bwahahahahaha
  6. waaah why you always confuse me? i'have already used my brain too mcuh on a saturday you and your cats haha such a cutie
  7. You brain no wanna work cause the thing is the thing cause....meow
  8. make me feel down nope nothing everything all right ^^ well i just thought about your brainworking in the morning ;D
  9. make you down? what does that mean? Am I trying to kill you? o.o
  10. are u tring to make me down?!
    well i'm not the one to blame, that you just have such a nice fantaasy^^
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