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  1. *laughs* You and him together? I'm fine, just tired. :P
  2. My friend squeezed my ass LOL. Well I'm good today ._. Just so much learning. Yuh?
  3. *smiles* Okay, if you want me to. How are you today?
  4. I have the best seat in class. I copy off from my friend. LOL you can be my tutor at home ._.
  5. Oh, sorry, hope it turns out well. I can help if you want, somehow....
  6. -________- seriously I don't like the look of it. >.> too much learning sorry
  7. Oh I see, hablas espanol? I took Spanish 2 too.
  8. I'm taking Spanish II with papers >.> see how hard that is...
  9. *smiles* Good luck with them. I had two computer class for taking Spanish. X)
  10. *plays more arcade* I'm going to do this later at school time. I have comp classes too >.<
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