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  1. o-o sent me an e-mail to this. Ugh like something to keep contact in
  2. *smiles* What do you mean "other than this"? Why are you looking around?
  3. *looks around* hi Trevor. Do you have something other an this o-o?
  4. *smiles* Well it's nice to meet you. My name's Trevor.
  5. Omg I didn't even tell you my name, I'm Juliann. Pronounce as Julie-Ann ^^;
  6. Yeah you're right, never mind, wouldn't want to freak her out. X)
  7. I'll be like "Some random dude said happy birthday to you Fer" >.< it's so hard to type this on my iPhone LOL.
  8. That's okay. Oh cool, well wish her a happy birthday from me then.
  9. O-O ugh ugh... We idk why I don't know. Well I'm shopping with my sister because she's came back only for the weekend. (Her birthday today) ^^; I was shopping at Urban Outfitters for a shirts and new jeans plus I just got Toms again. >.<
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