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  1. Lol, you took the words out of my mouth. xD

    Wow it sounds like you have really severe allergies, but it happens, so I hope the medicine helps you.^^

    So is the new pic you have up an update pic?^^
  2. LOL that's true o-o it's harddd.... super duper hard. Like a ____ (beep) blah blah blah. Well this is going to sound nasty but my allergies caused it to make my ear like this ._. the doctor told me I have fluid in my ear from my allergies which got stuck -_- and now I have to take more medicine o-o.
  3. You're welcome, and LOL I guess that would happen being that computer games are sort of limiting with the things you can actually do in them, but i'm impressed with how many games you got the high score in. With some of the games i've played it's hard to last even a full minute before you get killed or something, it's like no one is actually meant to beat it. O_O

    And thanks, i'm trying to get better, though my mind is always much clearer when i'm sick.*hugs and licks back*:P

    Um exactly what have you been sticking in your ears? O.o
  4. O-O Thank you! OH LOL dw dw my fingers were tired from that game >.> -left right left right (repeats)- and I hope you feel better. -licks-. I can't hear much in my left ear because I think I have something stuck inside there -_-.
  5. Awesome you're back! And you're welcome dear.^^

    Hahaha I forgot that I even challenged you, but i'll get around to doing it sometime this week, i'm still fighting off the Flu right now. :/
  6. Whooooooa hoessss. o-o I haven't been on forrrrrever and thank you I accepted the challenge LOL
  7. *sneaks in* >.>

    Hey and how are you doing? ^^

    And nice profile pic.
  8. You're welcome, and thanks for accepting.

    Oh that's okay I don't come on much either, the only reason why i've been coming lately is to respond to a topic, and that's all. I usually spend my time on anime-insight forum, so i'm sure i'll see you there.;P
  9. o-o I just did. Thanks for one I don't go on much though.
  10. I hope you accept my humble request.
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