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  1. My sister was one of those lucky kids. She's four years younger than me so, when she got her car, I was like, "WTF? Where's MY car??"
  2. I know. it's every (Normal) teenager's problem back in high school- you need a car to go to work, but you need to work to get a car. WTF?

    I wasn't one of the lucky ones whoi had a car waiting on my when i turned 16. i didnt even get my liscense untill i was 18.
  3. That sucks! I know how that goes. I just started my job 2 weeks ago and it took me 3 months to find it! >_<

    The messed up part is that I'm supposed to have a vehicle for this job and I don't own a car. They let me work there though but, only under the condition that I purchase a car at some point.
  4. Still can't find a damn job. wheel bearing still out of my car, and in 2 weeks, i'm going to have to drive 50 miles to school and back every tuesday and thursday.

    so as you see, i need to find a job. which i can't find. lol
  5. Mwahahahahahahahaaaaa! *gasp*

    What's up? How've ya been man?
  6. Bwahahahahaa !
  7. Likewise. The last six months consisted mostly of me working and catchin' up with important stuff--bills, sleep, and dealin' with family stuff. Things are startin' to simmer down for me too.
  8. yeah, with college and cleaning up after roomates, i havent really had time for much. after things have settled down is when i finally made it back.
  9. Hey man how's it goin'? It has been a while, hasn't it? I kinda dropped off the radar for a while. I've just been lazy to tell the truth, LOL. *puts new hinges on door*
  10. *kicks down door* Been a while !
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