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  1. Bada Bing Bada Boom
    Did ja take care of Vinni for me? Snitch had it a long time commin', ya know?

    lol what's up
  2. I hear ya on that .
  3. lol it is a fun game, but it's hard for me to play since I don't get off till 6 pm and by then i only get 3 hours to shop at that store lol.
  4. speaking of which, I recently got into Animal Crossing.
    all my roomate's houses look like garbage heaps, and mine looks like an actual house, lol
  5. hoped you would appreciate that.
    g2g, gotta eat my lasagna! mmmmmmmmm
  6. lol
  7. Hey, Listen! Hey, Listen! Hey, Listen! Hey, Listen!
    Watch Out!
  8. Not as bad as
    "Hey, There's a witch around... *sniff sniff* And she's close!"
  9. lol sounds so nasty.
  10. Hey, you hear that witch? I'm Gonna give her somethin' to cry about...
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