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  1. sure sure
  2. they may rent a car, i'm not sure.
    sorry it took a while, atching a few things on youtube...
  3. definitely rent a car. You'll be safer that way.
  4. no, in case i get mugged or something in LA. never been to a place that big. and, i was just curious.

    little tokyo, eh? sounds interesting. however, i will probably have to go with the small group.
  5. Japantown aka little tokyo is nice for food.

    And why the hell would you need a 7 inch knife on the plane?! lol you going jihad on us?
  6. well, i didnt really CHOOSE to go, i had the oppertunity. my mother, high school teacher, and friends threatened me if i didnt say i'd go. at least it is with other people i get along with..

    i am REALLY not expecting much, and i am mostly going for the trip. no, anything you can reccomend about LA? and what kind of weapon laws in cali? you think i could take a 7-ish inch linerlock knife on a plane (in my bag, of course) i have never flown on an airliner before.
  7. mutha****a you rather go to E3 than AX xP! traitor!

    of course you got to go though, in recent years I heard it got really lame to a point where it's dead like AO. Since I've never been to E3 I got no tips but I gotta say don't expect too much. I got hookups myself actually but I just didn't wanna go after reading about what happened in a magazine.
  8. alright, i will...
    i mostly ride to school with one of my roomates. however, he is not a very punctual person, and i am. i prefer to be at lest 15 minutes early, and we are usually right on time or late.... and i dont care much for his driving sometimes...
    and i love driving...

    Oh, i am lucky enough to go to E3 this year! any tips? (no, i am not kidding.)
  9. I know, my car broke down once too. But you're in college so you don't need it much right?

    Anyways, it's just my thing, I tend not to put pictures up with pink backgrounds kinda girly :P. But yeah do upload it!
  10. i tried to take care of my car too. i get so depressed when i think about it...
    oh, and the pink bkg was, well, i couldnt think of anything else. and i didnt want it to look obviously from what it was from.....
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