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  1. yeah, look for the white 360 and it'll be only like 240 dollars or something

    I try to take good care of my car cuz I'll be using it for another 5 years.
  2. dell is? at the main website?
    well, beats my job. with all my misfortune (wrecking my car, mom having to use it while her transmission went out, ect) i still dont have one yet...
  3. I can tell you but I would have to kill you. Nah, I just file paper and mundane tasks at a computer company. It pays alright for now.

    Dell is selling a cheap version of the older 360s, the one without the new chips.
  4. speaking of work, you never did tell me what your job was, lol.

    well, i mean to buy myself a 360, but i havent the money right now. for now, i have my friends' at my apartment, while he is off with the Army. he will want it back, eventually, tho.

    tl;dnr the 360 version
  5. dangit I can't watch videos at work >_< I gotta wait till i get home lol.

    So you gonna get the game on 360 or ps3??
  6. and i shall deliver
    Wesker is my 2nd fav. watch this video, he owns even more! I hope they dont put him as a boss, there will be now way to beat the game...
  7. Really? I'm more of a Wesker guy.

    And what's play god?
  8. Hells yeah! just watched the "play God" trailer today.
    i wish for more HUNK, fav character.
  9. Oooo are you gonna get RE5 man?
  10. I dont really play it, but that's all my roomates do, so i am failry knowledgeable of it. i prefer Resident Evil type zombies, myself..
    they use the same profile, Ronin_Hollow, or something like that.
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