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  1. Hahaha, you shouldn't be ashamed of you age.

    So in that Facebook page in your album, is that a picture of you on there?O_O
  2. Eventually it will, it just takes time.^^
    Yeah the U.S. is alright I guess, its' nothing really special, and hehe thanks
  3. btw, I`m not young since i already over 20 and below 25 this year <= please dont ask the details coz I am so ashamed since I am so stupid in that age
  4. yes, eventually little by little my language is improved, but not with my writing and reading ability I read and write only hiragana, that so suck since a foreigner NEED to know katakana they said
    I see you are living in USA, so cool. and already have occupation<= more than COOL I need to wait until I can speak japanese fluently before getting a job!! hweee.........
  5. Aw don't be too sad about it, i'm still trying to learn Japanese and i've been trying to learn it off and on for over 10 years now. So you'll eventually get it, in time, especially since you're surrounded by the language.

    So I know that you're younger than me, but by how much exactly?^^
  6. oh, sorry I for got to answer that question
    yeah, currently I living in japan. so bored since I dont speak japanese <= still learning. that the worst is japanese dont speak english. I am almost crazy here, since the only one I can communicate with is juat my sister and her daughter (my japanese language ability is in the same grade as an 4 years old child)
  7. Lol, that's awesome, and funny at the same time.

    Oh they didn't disappear for any good reasons, and if they had a good reason, they would have told me before they left, I mean I don't usually stay up to 2 O'clock in the morning, so they have no excuse.:/

    So again i'll ask you, do you REALLY live in Japan?
  8. I was so excited because my bro in law bought some new release manga as surprise present for me (so rare that he even buy a book), I wanna hug him as thank you but I ended up biting him.
    btw, when someone disappear when chatting, maybe they need to go to bathroom or maybe they are hungry. or fall a sleep. I always end up sleeping when playing Words with Friends in facebook because the opponent need more than 1 hour for thinking!!!
  9. Lol, what were you so over excited about that you just HAD to bite someone?xD

    That's cool, and do you really live in Japan? Oh I was up chatting with some friends online, that I thought were going to stay on, but they left without telling me. :/
  10. dont worry, I wont kicking someone even by accident. but I already biting someone due to over excited about something. lol
    currently I watching drama online, so bored here. btw, what are you doing when you are awake the whole night ?
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