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  1. my fever is long gone, but I forgot my password so I unable to log in for some times. luckily now I can log in again. lol

  2. OMG luckyyyyyy!!!!v I wanna go to japan so baldy ( i get to go in 2 years though!! n hope ur feeling better from ur fever
  3. hellooo~~~ soo sooorry for the reply~ I was lying on the bed for several days killed by summer fever
    and yes, I am living in japan. in chiba-ken
  4. OMG I'm so jealous,....... so u live in japan rite?
  5. hi too~ I`m so happy when I saw your message about the pic, I took it when I go to shop to junkudo book store hehehe........
  6. O Hi!!!!! o n ur welcome, hope to talk to u alot n I'm very jealous about ur picture with the Sebastian cut out XD
  7. thank you for the warm welcome <3 hehehe...........
  8. HELLO THERE!!!! I'm vkitty and WELCOME and om my gosh i love your member picture <3 (I'm very jealous of it)
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