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  1. haha. you should have seen me when i was twelve. you would be lucky to see me talk! i guess so. thats nice.
  2. *chuckles slightly* my you are talkative. thats cool, nine cats that is. yes i have a dog, a cockaspanial callled poppy shes adorable but barks a lot. oh well at least they have food to eat
  3. huh? i just got up close and personal with nine cats, thats why! an aunt of mine has nine of 'em so i got to hold a ball of soft 'meeaw' fur! puuuurr! do you have a dog? i see a lot of stray dogs on the street, but there fine i guess cause, some people a re making a new road and there taking out HUGE pipes. i saw a couple of dogs living in the tubes and eating some chunks of food left by OTHER people who lived there . . . i don't see cas often though ;(
  4. haha no need too. i like being weird!! kay... do i like cats..? Well i suppose they are cute yes but i am more of a dog person... how comes..?
  5. oook! cool, i don't have to feel guilty anymore ;o . . . sounds interesting . . . i'll check it out . . . hehe. hmm . . . you like cats?
  6. oh no you didnt offend me at all. ah... fair enough.... Daisuke and Dark... you have never heard of them? They are from DNANGEL... Daisuke is a 14 year old boy and Dark is a phantom thief who Daisuke transforms into when he has romantic feelings
  7. sorry! i didn't want to offend you! uh i mean its queer in a good way! i meant when i grow up. me is 19. i might have it when i grow up anyway since it runs in the family. so what is daisuke dark about :I?
  8. Er.. thank you... weow youre the 5th person who has said that to me... My day has been fine and yours? erm.. no.. no i dont... i have loads of sugar and i do not have diabetes... though however i am just 16
  9. hello there! i like your name! hehe your biography is a bit queer . . . so how was your day? and do you think i should lay down the sugar? mom said that if i have so much sugar i'll have diabetes when i grow up!
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