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  1. We'll you leaving me.. what I gonna do for 3 hours? I walk to school.. it's not far away xD
  2. *-* your school seems much more interesting. Have you ever been to the ocean? I love it! The eastern coast is sort of dirty.. but it has some clean oceans, the western coast and the arran islands are much more beautiful! I go every summer ;D!
  3. School starts in 3 hours.. I'm just doing my brothers hair atm, and he is doing mine.. He has short hair but I like mine in a high bun.. it's comfortable, rofl! So i'm prepping for school *-*! Do you have school today?
  4. We'll our tests are basically per class.. like if i pass all my history tests I get a good score.. but if I get terrible scores in math tests they then find the grade between them.. tests here are basically just "DID YOU STUDY" things.. we have big tests at the end of the year which really count.. they are pass/fail D;
  5. Your class has positions? My class is very.. simple XD We sit down and they teach.. sometimes we're assigned seats to sit but if we're not troublesome we decide where we sit.. Sometimes I'd like it to be more like in anime and manga where we stay in the schools and people hang in classrooms and stuff ;3, but I also run from school whenever I get the chance! I love my history teacher because when she gives commands in Irish if you follow them you get a treat xD it's to test if we know the language.. it's not a thing all teachers do mine is just awesome. *-* I always get a treat.. nomnomnom it's usually candy.. rofl
  6. haha no need too. i like being weird!! kay... do i like cats..? Well i suppose they are cute yes but i am more of a dog person... how comes..?
  7. oh no you didnt offend me at all. ah... fair enough.... Daisuke and Dark... you have never heard of them? They are from DNANGEL... Daisuke is a 14 year old boy and Dark is a phantom thief who Daisuke transforms into when he has romantic feelings
  8. Clearly I am a cat lover.. Dogs are nasty but Cats are clean and self-sufficient XD! I have a auto kitty-feeder and a water thing and I refill it weekly.. that's all so it's easy to care from cats *-*.. Dogs are more work! And I will start reading them!!! >:c gimme time im a slow person!
  9. You can see the picture bigger here Prussia by ~IdiotInAWig on deviantART
    And I'm not sure what kind of car it is,it's my dad's car...
  10. Bye ~ <3 Hope your brain doesn't self-destruct on itself! *Holds in joke about asians studying so much*.. c; We Europeans don't study alot.. guess it's because more stuff is just handed down to us. Hopefully all the world is as modern as us one day in their own way ^_^!! Then we can all be lazy!!!!
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you'll see me reading a book or outside taking in wafts of fresh air. i don't have a dream to become anything so i just go with whatever path i am given to follow, whether it be torturous or sucessfull
drawing, writing, reading and going out in the fresh air, duh!
student (with final terms drawing near:P)
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Inuyasha, kaichou wa maid sama!, fairy tale, kuroshitsuji


life will bring you lots of ups and downs the best thing to do is to just wait and stay calm and think about what to do next


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