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  1. Hetalia? Hm..how do I explain this...
    well the characters are personifications of the countries and it's kind of about historical events and such, but funnier...and the characters are pretty much made up of stereotypes, for example America is loud,obnoxious and is constantly stuffing his face. And that's the best explanation I can give....
  2. You use euros too!? Or is that like 20U.S dollar or O_O.. what do you use? 20 pieces of gum cost like 2Euros here.. if it's cheap then 1Euro ;3 I want that gum! D;<!! I love Candy Floss it's really.. O_O.. NOM!! <-- perfect word!
    I don't get pocket money but if I go to buy the food I get to spend the extra moneys on treats xD
    So how is your day? Any new anime or manga?
  3. Hello ^_^ Yeah, I do like a lot of anime >_<'' I NEED MORE!!
    and about you being high most of the time, I'm the same way XD But I don't need sugar to get me high...I'm just naturally high :P thatprobablymadenosense...
  4. ;3 haha.. I can't either it's a really old language song.. like some type of urdunt, russian ;D
    But I am a really big fan of Eurovision.. You probably don't know what it is but it's a music contest
    between all the european countries and north african/middle eastern. <-- some..
    AND THANKS! ;D I'm hoping for a Ipod and 50Euros.. <-- gonna buy a ton of candy!
  5. Wanna see a really sexy group.. You might get overly attracted to the short one ;3.. The song is really catchy too.. ^_^

    Click for song - Youtube

    ;D! It's like the spice girls reunion! This is Russia's eurovision entrance btw..
  6. Irish is a language spoken
    daily in small county towns
    usually in donegal and
    western countys.. Though
    we all have to learn Irish in
    school all the way to college.
    We don't learn english in school
    but we learn it in life.. because
    everyone speaks english
    outside of school..
    I wouldn't call it a dead
    language because we still
    speak it ;D!
    Only educated people speak
    Irish here.. unless your from
    like gaelige farming areas..
    But almost everyone in Ireland
    is educated so we all know
    some irish.. some know more
    than others because some
    are stupid and never really
    learn it..
  7. On saint patrick's day!?
    How unlucky.. Are you safe?
    By the way what language
    do you speak? Bengali or
    only english? I've never heard
    about Bengali btw.. I just
    guessed Bangladesh = Bengali?
  8. What did you find out?
    *50 Characters Long*
  9. 24:20 it's late XD but I rarely sleep so it's fine
  10. No, I haven't heard it i'll try it though! And dark paradise is my favorite song of hers XD It's stuck in my head..
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