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  1. No lazy friday
    for me today
    I have to go
    to Belfast for
    a school trip to
    a museum.. on
    British Art History
    xD It is truely
    boring.. And in some
    ways offensive because
    my teacher is British
    and she really doesn't
    like Irish people..
    Like why does she live
    in Ireland then!?..
    Some people in life
    just plain confuse me..
    Well Fodhlithe cara ;D
  2. You never know, it might actually turn out to be a pretty good anime series.

    Well I figured that you were high on something, lol, just kidding, but it's fine.

    I don't know what my username means, but it's from an anime series called Ranma 1/2 and it's a boy named "Ranma Saotome", he's my profile pic.^^
  3. I watched the
    Hetalia movie
    I laughed really
    hard xD
    Switzerland is
    even neutrual to
    outer space aliens..
    But yeah what kind of
    anime do you like?
    I like horror and action
    scy fy and fantasy is
    cool too.. I also
    like romance such as
    clannad and what not
    but I couldn't watch air..
    Felt like pedophilia by
    their size or age difference
    O_O.. men and women are
    about the same size here..
    So seeing that was like
    OK.. I guess she's just
    a midgit... or he's a giant
  4. Oh, okay.

    And LOL:P

    Yeah I guess so.

    And nope, never heard of it either, what is it?

    Didn't you read my profile, because the country i'm in is there.
  5. I'm okay I guess, and i'm Ranma by the way, very nice to meet you.

    Um nope, never heard it or of the group you're talking about, so tell me about them.^^
    Lol, okay XD

    And nope I haven't a clue.

    So I take it that you're still kind of new here, so welcome^^
  6. No, I have no
    important exams
    or tests at this
    moment.. XD
    An debate essay
    though.. But it's
    not due for awhile
    And i'm always ready
    to chat ^_^
    *rubs your brain*..
  7. Oh, i'm
    sorry I
    was not on..
    I was asleep
    you left that
    message around 10:00
    D: So yeah..
    that was pretty
    late for me XD
    But yeah..
    school sucks D:
    Same issue in
    every part of the
    world ☼.☼!!!
  8. Hehe you have to leave the message on my page or I can't respond.. I misclicked your profile and saw it
    I get on around 15:00 or 3p.m, that's 20:00 or 8p.m where you are ;D
  9. Oh! i think its 30C at evening but 28C in the morning . . . your weather compared to mine is freezing! i'm 19 . . . turned 19 a few days ago in fact! Oh my . . . i'm online from 2 to 3ish . . . thats like 7 for you! scary . . . i've never talked to someone with such a big time diffrence! it feels . . . refreshing! so . . .you people are online at?
  10. I'm doing well.. And I go by Western European Time. So it's like 9:25 p.m in Bangladesh now.. So where I live it's 15:25, or 3:25 p.m, By that time we're 5 hours apart? That's not too much.. And I like your name ^^ It's really warm here in Ireland... It's about 12C . How's the weather there?
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you'll see me reading a book or outside taking in wafts of fresh air. i don't have a dream to become anything so i just go with whatever path i am given to follow, whether it be torturous or sucessfull
drawing, writing, reading and going out in the fresh air, duh!
student (with final terms drawing near:P)
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life will bring you lots of ups and downs the best thing to do is to just wait and stay calm and think about what to do next


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