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  1. You can see the picture bigger here Prussia by ~IdiotInAWig on deviantART
    And I'm not sure what kind of car it is,it's my dad's car...
  2. oh you look nice, except i qish the pic was a bit bigger though! what version car is it?
  3. Yeah, Hetalia's lots of fun and yes that's me in the my profile picture~
  4. wow, hetalia sounds like fun ! hey is that you in your profile pic or a random person?
  5. Hetalia? do I explain this...
    well the characters are personifications of the countries and it's kind of about historical events and such, but funnier...and the characters are pretty much made up of stereotypes, for example America is loud,obnoxious and is constantly stuffing his face. And that's the best explanation I can give....
  6. no that makes a lot of sense to me . oh yeah, whats hetalia about?
  7. Hello ^_^ Yeah, I do like a lot of anime >_<'' I NEED MORE!!
    and about you being high most of the time, I'm the same way XD But I don't need sugar to get me high...I'm just naturally high :P thatprobablymadenosense...
  8. hello there! how are you today? wow, you like a lot of anime it seems . . . thats very cool! umm . . . i'll tell you here and now, i'm a sugar freak so i'm high for most of the day, so careful what you say !
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