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  1. No, I have no
    important exams
    or tests at this
    moment.. XD
    An debate essay
    though.. But it's
    not due for awhile
    And i'm always ready
    to chat ^_^
    *rubs your brain*..
  2. it ain't your fault actually . . . i nearly lost my head so i stopped studying and went to anime online to see who's online at 4 in the morning. i saw you were so i thought we could chat, i kinda lost the fact on the time difference! speaking of the topic, my test went well except for probably 18 spelling errors, wait a sec, don't you have any tests or something?
  3. Oh, i'm
    sorry I
    was not on..
    I was asleep
    you left that
    message around 10:00
    D: So yeah..
    that was pretty
    late for me XD
    But yeah..
    school sucks D:
    Same issue in
    every part of the
    world ☼.☼!!!
  4. Um, you're gone? ne-never mind i'll go back to studying i guess . . .this is so boring
  5. Ello! sorry, i couldn't reply for so long cause i had to study for a test comin up . . . it seems you are online when its 4:23am here what time is it there? man bangla is hard i hope you reply quick though cause i gotta memorise some more stuff for [I]another[I] test coming up!
  6. Hehe you have to leave the message on my page or I can't respond.. I misclicked your profile and saw it
    I get on around 15:00 or 3p.m, that's 20:00 or 8p.m where you are ;D
  7. I'm doing well.. And I go by Western European Time. So it's like 9:25 p.m in Bangladesh now.. So where I live it's 15:25, or 3:25 p.m, By that time we're 5 hours apart? That's not too much.. And I like your name ^^ It's really warm here in Ireland... It's about 12C . How's the weather there?
  8. hello! my name is actually odhora but i changed it cause its really hard to remember what number your account had so i changed it just in case ! i keep wondering . . . why is it that people are usually awake at three or four in the morning( no offence ) but asleep for the rest of the day? by the way, how's everything in ireland? the name you made is really cute!
  9. How are ye doin? :3
    My name is Brai and yours?
    *50 characters long*
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