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  1. Idk.. Is a stinky lake any better than a haunted lake? If everything is possible is the impossible possible?
  2. like i said. WRONG lake budd. gulshan lake was a clean lake, but then they built a men's bathroom that connected all the`way to the lake. thus, as men did their thing, our lake became stinky as hell. now, i don't think thats very interesting. and we wouldn't be living near the lake if it was haunted now would we?
  3. ;o.. polluted lakes you say!?.. what is more interesting than that! I must know.. is it haunted? Tell me the story scary Bengali gypsy woman! ;c you tease me.. just spill the beans! or the poisons and pollutants in this case?
  4. oh you got the wrong lake, buddie. gulshan lake is polluted and stinks, so noone really cares enough to go near it. but there is a mystery lake like that in dinajpur.*turns on ghost music and dresses lke a gypsy* so darling, would you like to know about it OoO?
  5. Sorry was listening to music.. and Did someone drown there .-.? ;D Yush I want the secret!
  6. ok, then i won't go! i thought you had other things to do. i have a huge lake in front of my house really! its called gulshan lake. want to know about its history?
  7. We'll you leaving me.. what I gonna do for 3 hours? I walk to school.. it's not far away xD
  8. *-* your school seems much more interesting. Have you ever been to the ocean? I love it! The eastern coast is sort of dirty.. but it has some clean oceans, the western coast and the arran islands are much more beautiful! I go every summer ;D!
  9. well, i don't want to disturb you so, bye! hope you survive school!
  10. nope. mom ditched me and said she would not go to see my grade and i'll go tomorrow to see my position. why is she mad when she doesn't know which positon i'm in?
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