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  1. *gives hand to you and shakes it*^^

    Sorry for the late reply, I really haven't been here that much, so anyway how are you?
  2. oh yeesss! now i remember! Ranma 1/2 was written but rumiko takahashi! yes! i was trying to remember that for months now! *takes a deep breath* rumiko takahashi also wrote inuyasha! *gives out hand* hello! fellow rumiko takahashi manga reader! *awaits a shake*
  3. You never know, it might actually turn out to be a pretty good anime series.

    Well I figured that you were high on something, lol, just kidding, but it's fine.

    I don't know what my username means, but it's from an anime series called Ranma 1/2 and it's a boy named "Ranma Saotome", he's my profile pic.^^
  4. whoops! so you live in america, then you probably did not see doremon and i recommend you don't ;D! doremon is a hindi cartoon that i use to watch when i was a kid when i became older it turned out to be really stupid that i quit watching it. its basicaly about a kid named nobita who finds someone who came from the 30th century named doremon. so the show 'shows' nobita constantly using doremon's gadgets to get a better life but almost always screwing up in the end. i heard they are trying to turn it into an anime which shows that a lot of kids have stopped watching it or have started i like your name though ^_^(high on sugar at the moment) what does your name mean?
  5. Oh, okay.

    And LOL:P

    Yeah I guess so.

    And nope, never heard of it either, what is it?

    Didn't you read my profile, because the country i'm in is there.
  6. nice to see you too !
    no no no, its a song not a group
    i hear that song like 12 times a day so i decided to make a little anime clip out of it by using movie maker, their hard to make-_-! its weird if japan had another earthquake since it had that big one just a while ago. oh yeah have you seen doremon? also which country do you live in?
  7. I'm okay I guess, and i'm Ranma by the way, very nice to meet you.

    Um nope, never heard it or of the group you're talking about, so tell me about them.^^
    Lol, okay XD

    And nope I haven't a clue.

    So I take it that you're still kind of new here, so welcome^^
  8. hello! how are you? stuck doing a poetry project so i thought of taking a break. . . hmm . . . uh hey have you heard of 'meant to live' by switchfoot? you should hear it! hehe um careful as you talk to me cause my mom made a sugared dish and i have a tendency to sugar! hey is it true that japan had another 6.8 earthquake?
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