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  1. Meh...I don't like rain at all. XP It gets me drenched, I hate getting soaked unless it is from going swimming, since I love swimming, while in one way my movement is restricted, in another way I feel unrestricted (I can do flips in the water, but not outside of water. ).
  2. Haha, nah. UK :P with all the rain you could ever wish for... And more! xD
  3. £20? So you aren't in Canada or America. >.>
  4. I think it was about £20 over here... That would be about $40 if I remember rightly...
  5. When you saw it, was it $35 or $40? Here it costs $40, I assume it would cost $35 for you. Lol
  6. Oh yeah, I saw pokémon platinum in town today as well, although originally today I was hoping to track down Klonoa 2... How plans change xD
  7. Nice. I'm hoping to get Pokémon Platinum for Easter, I'd rather not have to wait 5 more months to be able to play it. :P
  8. I didn't even know Persona 4 was in the UK yet, just saw it while game hunting in town xD
  9. Ents? And though I've never heard anything of Persona 4 before...COOL!!! XD
  10. I can't say anything for 2 and 3, having not played them. But with 1... No dragons as of yet xD plenty of other stuff like ents etc though

    On other news... I HAVE PERSONA 4! <3
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