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  1. Jeez... *looks down* Looks like everyone's on a kill "Whitey" spree. Its unfortunate. I didn't think AO could afford to rid itself of members that are KNOWN for being worth while. We all learn from mistakes (some of us more graciously than others). At least you had the guts to come forward Whitey. I figured a member who knew the ins and outs of the site (and rules), and a member who always has something valuable to say... would be an asset.

    I enjoyed your recent presence on the forum an I hope I will see more (but its not lookin' so hot).
    Still... Im not gonna say "good-bye"... I'll say "see you later".
  2. Ha! Peaches!!! I've missed u girl, what's poppin? How've you been!!
  3. Original White Wolf??? You better be as cool as your name advertises you to be because I don't just go around befriending newbies for fun :P
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