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  1. We'll we're in different countries so I'm guessing you'd be on my travel channel
    Hehe.. I have absolutely no clue what channel that would be here..
    I can only watch tele for an hour a day! Although my internet is not limited..
    Mother.. She is a strange one, ☻Cute as a button though!
  2. oh well its a channel where they talk about the best spots to vaction in the world and even show some great places to eat as well when you visit the country. its on channel 354 on my cable channel. and love reality stuff that have a channel called true tv that always shows the worlds dumbest criminals and the worlds most shocking stuff its all reailty based and funny as crap lol
  3. ;3.. I have no idea what the travel channel is.. ☼.☼..
    BUT OMG YES I AGREE 100%! *slams fist on desk*
    I usually watch music competitions and reality t.v..
    I don't have an interesting life of my own, and random people do..
    so I enjoy watching them.. spying as some say :]
  4. i know what you mean there is a show on the travel channel called ghost adventures those guys are loony lol but very entertaining at the same time. i remember an episode where they were suposedly at the gates of hell in this one building and the main guy zack i think asked if there were any demons in the area to do something to the camera man. and the camera man said if anything touches me you'll be eating your teeth. LOL they are really funny some times
  5. I don't believe the ghost things.. But then again
    the way they act so dramatic when they think they
    do find a ghost may be the thing making me
    not believe them :3.. They should try using a more
    sane person and calmer lad. Might just be my t.v shows
  6. im doing good just lurking and watching some tv some ghost stuff is on today
  7. Pretty Profile pic..
    I'm having alot of craic thanks!
    How are you?
  8. just dropping a random hello since i am just lurking hope you are enjoying AO
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