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  1. yeah they would but there kids so they might be thinking free cookies LOL but they must be ugly women to have to buy kids like that.
  2. It depends.. if the woman was good looking wouldn't they go willingly? But if their buying boys their probably not very attractive.. So it's a pity what happens there ;(
  3. not much just messing around the web and being bored right now . and thats crazy wanting kids like that .
  4. I know.. I know alot about foreign prostitution crimes and gangs.. why? Because I watch alot of T.V and theres alot of documentarys on them.. o_o, in the czech republic women can buy young boys (Ages 8-12) as slaves.. *-* It's illegal but commonly done there. So, what are you up to?
  5. lol that pretty sneaky luring men to there ass beating by looking hot to draw them in. it might not sound nice but most of the westerners that get done like that are only wanting one thing and they get another for not thinking with the right body part lol.
  6. In Thailand there are organized ladyboy gangs. They lure western tourists into their brothels then beat them and rob them. They can be thought of as Pretty and Deadly.. Or a rose xD
  7. hmm well im gonna have to say art , i like making things and finding things to put in my personal journal it can be pretty , scary , hot , cold as long as its eye catching. in fact i just got done with 2 arts i made my next thing im gonna make is gonna be [pretty and deadly nit sure where to look for that kind of stuff yet though.
  8. Oh.. Spanish people are weird.. That's why I like Europe although i'm not european, though geographically I am, logically I'm not since im behind the U.K which sort of shields all european influence.. We have some french influence though, yeah the french we still see.. xD *-* Do you have a guilty pleasure? Mine is Jedward their my guilty pleasure. Their like a european justin bieber twinsies.. except they are built and innocent (LIES! <--) and their music is more of electro/europop then commercial american pop. Only thing they really share is girls love em! Though mostly only teenage girls and lonely housewives love Jedward.. WHY CANT ALL MALES BE LIKE THEM! >;c.. they've ruined my romance life because noone else can come close to my fantasy now ☼.☼.. Back to you.. what's your guilty pleasure? Is it food.. a person.. a place?
  9. LOL not sure though there was a very old cartoon that used to be on where this sailor guy would laugh like he was saying k , though im not sure why they would be doing it , and i have heard a few of them make cat noises like meow it is weird lol
  10. Why do spanish people use "KKKKKKKKKK" so much.. I mean what does it mean? Do you know.. So far I am just like O_O.. Does it mean Ku Klux Klan? Because why would spanish people believe white people are the master race.. These are the secrets that haunt me in my sleep ;c
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