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  1. uh you wrote your occupation as a full-time didco ball. so that means
  2. oh i just saw a message you sent. no they don't sell much manga but they sell english and american comics and theres a huge ton of books. if you go to a place called nilkheth youll get a loot books cheap ! i like alternative rock and accoustic songs, and you?
  3. oh yeah i'm not going to go to bed yet ;D just so you know
  4. its cool my mom came to tell me to go to bed so i wasn't able to reply early either. by the way why is there a 4 point leaf in your national flag?
  5. It's outlawed?:O

    So how is it even being allowed to be taught to anyone?

    Hawaiian and filopino are still spoken languages and they're even being spoken outside of those nations.
    And sorry to burst your bubble, but The Celts and the Romans did NOT have a common language since they were around at the same time, and the Celts were one of those "Savages" that the Romans subjugated.
    So nope, Celtic was also from Germanic origin.^^

    The languages that came from Latin (which was the original language of ancient Rome) are modern-day Spanish, Portugese, Italian, and I think one more, but that's why those languages have so many common words between them.
  6. i don't like britain anyway . . . the place is full of snobs(no offense) yeah we're not white in any way but people who live in big houses or have good jobs are tanned. people who have small overcrownded houses and work out usually have a deep tan. anyway its getting annoying cause our political sides are failing and a lot of people are being tortured and killed as result . nothing to do with political parts i guess but a while ago a boat sang and 150 people died and 20 or so are lost at sea. so our population is falling rapidly. and tell me about ireland. when i was 6 i heard of the place and found the name 'magiclal' and i still do .
  7. he he , thanks! its nice to know that we can chat without waiting for a day to get an answer ! and actually the taught us that in the 5th grade so yeah i know! i heard from my mom that my granny use to run to different houses when mom was a kid! and my great granny was awesome. she was strong, her husband was not there at the time and she had to manage nine children and move to 10 different houses a week. so times were hard. we were independent from pakistan in 1971. what about ireland? tell me about your country :fly1:!
  8. oh god there are so many mosquitos (slaps one) by the way are you there?
  9. huh? isn't it a weekend in ireland? and lol thats sad, i find it weirder that people actually teach people they don't like . . . anyway what's Fodhlithe cara ? oh yeah i like history what do they teach there?
  10. Well technically Irish IS a dead language, just like Welsh, and Hebrew, outside of those countries.

    But because each nation wants to maintain something of their own individual identities, they've made great efforts to teach these languages to the modern generation.
    So you're just apart of something that plenty of other young people are involved in.^^

    Lol, i know what you mean about German, but since English is a "Germanic" language, we kind of have to thank original German for having modern day English.xD
    I used to study French, and all I can tell you is if you want really want to learn the language, make sure that you have plenty of saliva, because in order to pronounce it the right way, you're going to be doing alot of spitting, lol.:P
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