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  1. You could always get a pet then, so you could name it and rarely ever take care of it.

    Yeah it's a pretty name, but i'm sure that your kid would probably have a problem with it, especailly when the kids at school make fun of them.^^

    So if you could travel to any country, where would you like to go?
  2. O_O

    Well..umm...*cough**cough* yeah....and okay

    Anyways >.>what did you do today besides reading manga and fighting with your brother?
  3. Do as you wish? Uh, no?o.O

    If you're marrying the guy and you signed a contract you can't exactly get out of it, unless you were a minor when you signed it, that's the law here, but maybe where you live the laws are different.

    So do you even want to marry him?
    *sighs* Yes she was a psycho and she was a stalker, and i'm glad that she at least lives in a different city with her drunken retarded husband, but from time to time I still look over my shoulder wonder if she's there. *looks behind me*

    That's too bad, but some guys are shy when it comes to things like that, and alot don't like to talk about anything even remotely romantic with a girl, in front of their friends, it's embarrassing.^^

    Did you just say that you read manga where someone gets raped and then the two of them suddenly get together?o.O What kind of manga are YOU reading?
  4. Lol, okay:P

    Nope, i've never had a girlfriend, but I do have an ex psycho stalker who was obsessed with me, and I still have nightmares about her.:/ I rue the day I EVER said hi to her.:'(

    Yeah I remember reading on of your VMs, you said that you were "arranged" to be married to someone?
    If you are, why are you even talking about finding a "perfect match" for yourself, since you have one already, isn't that violating your contract?o.O
  5. Wow that's pretty cool!:O

    Well I have no doubts that you'll win, because you're awesome, and you'll probably stare at your competition and throw them off enough to give up.

    Haha, food is exactly what I would be spending it on.
  6. Lol, I am most impressed.

    So if you win the talent show, will you get something for winning?
  7. Have you ever tried singing for an audience ?
  8. it ain't your fault actually . . . i nearly lost my head so i stopped studying and went to anime online to see who's online at 4 in the morning. i saw you were so i thought we could chat, i kinda lost the fact on the time difference! speaking of the topic, my test went well except for probably 18 spelling errors, wait a sec, don't you have any tests or something?
  9. That's cool, and yeah I would love to see that too.^^

    Oh wow, I had no idea that the Irish shared the X Factor, and I think before American Idol the English created Pop Idol, (at least I think that's what the show was called) and that is really what got America into the whole "idol scene".

    So will I see you performing in any shows like that in the near future?
  10. Wow!:O

    I never knew that there was such a HUGE competition out there like that.
    The closes we haveb to that is "American Idol", but it's only limited to our country, I could only imagine if other countries joined us.

    Hehe, I never heard of that country either, but hey, i guess there are alot of countries we don't know about.^^
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