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  1. Lol xD

    So what exactly is this show about? Sorry, we don't have it here.^^
  2. First off, a girl who claims a "public" slab for herself and sits around staring at people who step foot on it, has no right to critque anyone on fashions, and secondly, lol.:P

    That's too bad, but yeah it's the same for me,m i'm always the last to find out anything of any real importance to me, but you'll get used to it.

    So what did you do today?^^
  3. Lol, well I guess that's one way of looking at it.:P

    I guess my standards are just a little different of what a "lady" is. See for me, being a real lady has nothing to do what she wears, whether it's her clothing or wearing makeup, it's about her attitude and how she carries herself. A real lady is dignified, yet still isn't afraid to get a little messy. She brings out the best in people, even those that don't really seem to have any good qualities. And personally, I don't care about physical flaws, I like those imperfections, that's what makes her unique and real.xD
  4. Um, you're gone? ne-never mind i'll go back to studying i guess . . .this is so boring
  5. Ello! sorry, i couldn't reply for so long cause i had to study for a test comin up . . . it seems you are online when its 4:23am here what time is it there? man bangla is hard i hope you reply quick though cause i gotta memorise some more stuff for [I]another[I] test coming up!
  6. Okay well that's okay.^^

    And "crushing you"? Just how small are you?o.O
    Hehe okay well it's getting pretty late here, so I probably won't be on when you get back, but we can always talk tomorrow, tomorrow my time it'll still be the same day for you over there.

    And you ARE beautiful, you don't need to create any sort of false beauty.
  7. Hahaha, have you been reading my messages?
    So how are you today my dear?^^

    Oh that's exactly how I first learned how to play the Violin back when I was in school, and the best part is, if you ever learn how to play the cello, you should be able to play the Violin since they're actually the same instrument.xD

    Haha, now you know my secret, so what's yours?o.O
  8. Hehehe ^_~

    That doesn't sound like it was fun at all, were you being punished for something?o.O

    Hey, i'm 72, I only look and act like i'm 27, lol.:P
  9. Lol!XD
    Well it's not Ryoga who tranforms into a red-haired girl, it's his rival Ranma Saotome that does, Ryoga just transforms into a cute little piglet.^^

    Basically, it started when Ryoga challenged Ranma to fight at school, and they were going to have that fight at an empty lot behind Ryoga's house. Ranma waited for 3 days for Ryoga to get there, but of course, Ryoga got lost so Ranma left. After that Ryoga has been after Ranma since to settle the score and to get Ranma back for accidentally pushing him into one of the cursed springs, which turned him into a piglet.xD
  10. Kind of, hehe.:P

    Well Ryoga is the kind of guy that gets lost everywhere he goes, it once took him 4 days to find an open field that's just behind his own house.xD
    Now i'm not saying that i'm THAT BAD, but I have a horrible sense of direction, lol.

    Hey, you do remind of someone from an anime series but I can't think of who, or which anime series it is, but i'll tell you as soon as I figure it out, okay?^^

    Basically the series is about a 16 year old boy, who ends up getting cursed and now whenever he gets splashed with cold water he turns into a cute red-hair girl, but when he's splash with warm water he returns to normal. It's mostly a comedy with a little martial arts thrown in, you might like it.
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