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  1. waaah really? say, can u remember the name?
    haha well okey, i was mainly in european countries, but when then at my relatives' houses or class trips
    baku?! why baku? and where is it? not because of the eurovision or something like than.. i strangely connect baku with that festival =?
    ohh okey i know what u mean, that will be fnew for me too, even though i'm excited to see some
  2. its cool you like so many manga's , but i like anime a bit more though there are a few i do like , like blue seed its a really good manga
  3. my parents are fom sri lanka, but i'm born in germany and u are from ireland ight?
    waaah. i'm looking forward, nope actually i like yaoi very much u too? which is ur favorite?
    haha than i'm relieved ;D
  4. yeah it is sad it happened but most kids in our country carry guns and kill adults because they think there being cool , so the guy is trying to dsay the kid had a gun and they cant find one makes it look really bad for him right now. i hope he does get something bad though. because it was just a kid he could have easily shot his leg and things be over and the kid would be alive. if he had to shoot that is.
  5. i was referring to England when i said them having a queen made them think they owned everyone lol. and its cool they dont blow things up anymore but i like that they had a good reason to be against everyone one at one point.
  6. Hi! I will talk to you on here! Hmmm I have never heard of those...I'll have to check them out!
  7. i heard the IRA was kind of like the modern day A team if you have ever saw that show but with cooler accents LOL , i think them having a queen made them think they owned everyone.
  8. yeah thats true i saw a documentary on that lol , and i learned from my history that that England wanted to tax us on everything and we bacame the bad ass rebels who threw the out because of it and we did things our way. the Brittan call a little temper tantrum LOL
  9. lol well there is that whole FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY bit that kind of annoys me , but i know a lot of people who live there that hate those kind of people lol.
  10. lol sorry i did not mean to offend you , and black hair and blue eyes sounds pretty if you ask me , and i guess i need to do some actually do some geography work and learn more about a country's people before i go thinking anything like that again lol.
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