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  1. LOL not sure though there was a very old cartoon that used to be on where this sailor guy would laugh like he was saying k , though im not sure why they would be doing it , and i have heard a few of them make cat noises like meow it is weird lol
  2. lol yeah i like and new and the newest ones i have seen are (lovaru which is a cool anime , and himawari its a cute anime if you have never seen it , about a girl wanting to become a ninja
  3. i am doing good and yeah i am passed all that but guys can be annoying no matter how old they are ask any woman who is married LOL. anyway i have been just as bored and can find nothing to do. i hope you can find something to do to make it not as boring for you.
  4. *goes back to normal* always remember, if you beleive, even lifting a ship with your bare to fingers is possible . and of COURSE its better! why would anyone want to live near a haunted lake? unless i think its just a rumor i'd rather live near something that smells :c!
  5. *turns back into gypsy* ahahaha! let us go into dinajpur shall we? *dramatic twirl* there was once a prince who lived in a very flat land.. he made a fine castle but alas, the prince got complaints from his people that the was no water. so the prince (now a king) ordered men to dig and find a spring, but no water came. earthquakes were starting to rumble, so the prince decided to sacrifice his son, but then . . . water did come, but it came and came, and eventually the whole castle and the villages surrounding it drowned. today men have tried to go and see if there was actually a castle there, btu few came back and one even got a peice of the magnificent temple, but all the rest were never found, today, it is called the cursed lake. today no one dares go near it. believe me?
  6. like i said. WRONG lake budd. gulshan lake was a clean lake, but then they built a men's bathroom that connected all the`way to the lake. thus, as men did their thing, our lake became stinky as hell. now, i don't think thats very interesting. and we wouldn't be living near the lake if it was haunted now would we?
  7. oh you got the wrong lake, buddie. gulshan lake is polluted and stinks, so noone really cares enough to go near it. but there is a mystery lake like that in dinajpur.*turns on ghost music and dresses lke a gypsy* so darling, would you like to know about it OoO?
  8. ok, then i won't go! i thought you had other things to do. i have a huge lake in front of my house really! its called gulshan lake. want to know about its history?
  9. well, i don't want to disturb you so, bye! hope you survive school!
  10. nope. mom ditched me and said she would not go to see my grade and i'll go tomorrow to see my position. why is she mad when she doesn't know which positon i'm in?
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