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  1. OOOOOOOOO MY God this should be funny
  2. It's sort of cute ;3.. not like drop dead romance
    but it's a horror action thing Crossdressing boys too
    are involved..
  3. No,Nice it look cute *nyan nyan nyan nyan lalalalalalalalal*
  4. I hate fake people ( not calling u one ) I just want to b****slap them
  5. cool I wish can go. I hpoe u hav a nice time
    I went shop clothes. the nayn thing was a kill the 50 what ever
  6. Haha thanks that nayn thing is cute ^^
    I'm sorting through clothes right now.. deciding what I should
    bring to Baku! I got tickets to Eurovision! Me and my cousin are going
    and my aunt but she is mainly just for adult supervision..
    I know it's two months away but I leave on may 8th and stay until the 25th!
    >:c so excited..
  7. Your So much fun to talk to ........
    *nayn nayn nayn*
  8. Not every one has 50 character in one though.............................
  9. Yeah that's why alot of my posts have
    "50 character limit"
    It does get kind of annoying at times xD
  10. *kill 50 Characters word limit* I hate (dislike) this rule 50 Characters word limit, it kind of dumb
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