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  1. paandi! why u no talk ;(? *sniffs* mom went to dinajpur to hang out with some relatives and she left me behind. *sniffs* mom won't come back till sunday, so i'm free from studys and chores. how are ya? is everything cool over there?
  2. eep! sorry, before you get the wrong idea, the smiley was not ( : it was suppoesd to be D : ) in the comment! extremly sorry!
  3. yup. but i can't have sweets though ;c *sniff* . . . so i made them! mwahahahaha! i had shaved ice and syrup and halwa, nom nom . . . how are you spending your days ?
  4. *-* only beaten by two.. A GREAT VICTORY!
    *nayn? How are you today.. HAPPY? uh
  5. ello! what a weird song. i'd rather not transalate what it means though. but it gave me quite a laugh! i'm on fire! i came 3rd out of 48 students! yipee! mwahahaha!
  6. We'll.. if you can have an entire conversation with someone saying "OH LONG JOHNSON" Then.. YES! ;D He can talk.. Look! I found a Bengali song! ;o! I really like it.. can you understand it? Sounds gibberish too me! <3
    Nightcore - Chader Meye Josna (Ami Beder Meye Na) - YouTube
  7. ahahahah, that is so cool! can that cat really talk? *giggles* you watch south park? i've finished season one a month ago. but i'm to lazy to get season two!
  8. ROFL AT THIS! Oh Long Johnson... - talking cat - YouTube <--!!!!!! xD Just saw it from south park.. *-* the game is. you stand infront of something dangerous and say oh long johnson as many times as you can before getting out of the way..
  9. *goes back to normal* always remember, if you beleive, even lifting a ship with your bare to fingers is possible . and of COURSE its better! why would anyone want to live near a haunted lake? unless i think its just a rumor i'd rather live near something that smells :c!
  10. *turns back into gypsy* ahahaha! let us go into dinajpur shall we? *dramatic twirl* there was once a prince who lived in a very flat land.. he made a fine castle but alas, the prince got complaints from his people that the was no water. so the prince (now a king) ordered men to dig and find a spring, but no water came. earthquakes were starting to rumble, so the prince decided to sacrifice his son, but then . . . water did come, but it came and came, and eventually the whole castle and the villages surrounding it drowned. today men have tried to go and see if there was actually a castle there, btu few came back and one even got a peice of the magnificent temple, but all the rest were never found, today, it is called the cursed lake. today no one dares go near it. believe me?
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