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  1. School starts in 3 hours.. I'm just doing my brothers hair atm, and he is doing mine.. He has short hair but I like mine in a high bun.. it's comfortable, rofl! So i'm prepping for school *-*! Do you have school today?
  2. i see . . . every test counts here! i'm scared cause after these tests, there'll be mocks!there so annoying! they don't even count!grrrr . . . hmm . . . you have school today?
  3. We'll our tests are basically per class.. like if i pass all my history tests I get a good score.. but if I get terrible scores in math tests they then find the grade between them.. tests here are basically just "DID YOU STUDY" things.. we have big tests at the end of the year which really count.. they are pass/fail D;
  4. mwahahaha! the same thing happens in my class, the boys always get in trouble. the can almost never choose their seats! tee hee . . . i like most of my teachers . . . except my litreture one . . . he asks us questions from what we did in the last class. answer him right you stay, if you can't, out of the class D:<! wait, then whats the point of tests there? over here, all the marks you get in the tests are added and divide by five, and that is supposed to help you pass i guess . . . does that mean your tests don't help you?!! O_O
  5. Your class has positions? My class is very.. simple XD We sit down and they teach.. sometimes we're assigned seats to sit but if we're not troublesome we decide where we sit.. Sometimes I'd like it to be more like in anime and manga where we stay in the schools and people hang in classrooms and stuff ;3, but I also run from school whenever I get the chance! I love my history teacher because when she gives commands in Irish if you follow them you get a treat xD it's to test if we know the language.. it's not a thing all teachers do mine is just awesome. *-* I always get a treat.. nomnomnom it's usually candy.. rofl
  6. ello! whats up? how was your day? wish me luck! cause day after tomorrow, i'll see my position in class! btw you must reply, i ain't leaving I:<
  7. you're slow? ok, i'm really fast, when my mom doesn't tell me to study that is ;( . . . no way, you have a cat! i really want to have one but we live in an apartment, so keeping pets is not allowed. i like companion dogs, but even so, its so annoying to wash, brush their teeth and what not! and no pressure . . . the first time i told you to read it was cause i was just starting to . . . then when i finished it i thought u would have finished it too, sorry D;!oh yeah and i have an aunt who has nine cats! nine! i dream come true if i had that many!
  8. Clearly I am a cat lover.. Dogs are nasty but Cats are clean and self-sufficient XD! I have a auto kitty-feeder and a water thing and I refill it weekly.. that's all so it's easy to care from cats *-*.. Dogs are more work! And I will start reading them!!! >:c gimme time im a slow person!
  9. ahahaha it would be nice then. you don't have to hold the joke in though! ah i wish that day comes soon! but the awesome thing is that after my exams, it'll be heaven! read 'nineteen, twenty-one manga'! so, you a cat-lover or a dog-person? me is a cat-lover ^_^
  10. Bye ~ <3 Hope your brain doesn't self-destruct on itself! *Holds in joke about asians studying so much*.. c; We Europeans don't study alot.. guess it's because more stuff is just handed down to us. Hopefully all the world is as modern as us one day in their own way ^_^!! Then we can all be lazy!!!!
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