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  1. oh no! mom said i have to go and study! i can't take rest even on a saturday! *snnifle* bye.
  2. ;D I want to.. Read those and yes let's chat! harhar! I'm actually on xD So how are you? Do you know any music in your language btw? I want to hear some of your cultures music.. I think music can tell alot about a country *-*.. plus I might find a new fav song
  3. ello! mom said i get to use the net for half an hour so lets chat! oh my god you must read nineteen, twenty-one manga! i love the scenery artwork!
  4. nyaaaaaaaaaan . . . see ya tomorrow! ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
  5. i'm online, online! i have one older sister and a little sister. nah heart attack runs in my family. my mom;s chest ahs been hurting for a while so i'm a bit worried. i live in the cities of dhaka. no do NOT compare us to india cause we are different people. no, noooo one hunts in bangladesh but we grow crops.we are well known for our 157 tea gardens ;" uh there is a LOT of stuff goin on in my family so i don't think your interested to know though. wait don't you have that essay?
  6. I have one twin brother but that's all, my father died of cancer when I was like 2, so it's fine I didn't know him, testicalur cancer runs in my family so the men usually catch it.. Hopefully my brother doesn't though. How many sibliings do you have? And is your family western or do you like.. farm and hunt in the wild O_O.. ;c sorry I just don't know anything about bangaldesh.. I am relating it to India.. because they seem alike and I know more about India
  7. tee hee i looooove babys! their so addddoooooorable! i like kids too! but my sis hates them. she said she'll take care of her baby till its 8 then she'll give her to me to take care of her/him. weird isn't it? how many brothers and sisters do you have?
  8. Ireland once had 10million people.. then we starved and we're shot to death, many genocides happened and we we're exiled.. We now only have 4million people, So alot of Ireland is greenlands because we simply are to small a population to fill the entire island XD.. But yeah we have alot of big cities but their all on the ocean side and are ports basically.. their are alot of beautiful cliffs in donegal and the arran islands are beautiful! We have so many crystal clear lakes and beautiful hills.. basically just beautiful xD I think the island can humanely fit like 15 million people.. so we have alot of room to expand so people need to make more babies! >_<.. not me no I hate babies!
  9. same here. my nana died when i was four but i still miss him . . . he used to stuff me with sweets and i remember him saying 'odhora, don't do anything that can hurt you and remain innocent as you are now and belive in what you do' sometimes i think nana is the main reason i'm a sugar freak uh most of em are singers but few are good enough, wait not singers. in bangla they write beautiful songs but they sing it in a horrible voice. few are good. no it is not. i wish it was though! we have hartals all the time due to our stupid ministers and what not. what does ireland look like? a city or green land? almost half of bangladesh is green but the rest is city.
  10. We'll idk.. Does Bangladesh have any talented people? xD It's a really good peace keeping thing.. because it keeps all competition friendly.. But it would probably be to expensive counting China won't participate if Taiwan participates.. And banning Taiwan just for being Taiwan is not nice at all to Taiwan people.. The Chinese need to get over the fact Taiwan is not part of China XD.. Theres alot of Drama in Asia.. alot of dictators and communists.. Is Bangladesh a democracy? And he is dead now he died like long ago due to cancer but I didn't know him so it's fine.
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