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  1. yiiiip!do-do-don't bite me! i am very afraid of capital threats! o my god! no way! must check it out! oh my GOD! NO WAY BANGLADESH WOULD DO THAT! no way bangladesh could sing THERE! *shivers* brr . . . i must watch that! eouch! did they really do that? i read about people like that. i'm really sorry for your nana. is he alright?
  2. ROFL NOOOOO!! we are both on I am not asleep!! *SLAPS* D;< I'LL BITE YU IF YOU LEAVE
  3. and there she goes to bed. . . I really need to fix my timing!
  4. don't gooo! sorry it seems whenever i come you go in the next two minutes! ooh i thought candy floss was like taffy or a string you could eat, my bad. of course we have, we have the sundarbuns!(pronounced shun-dor-bon). its basiclly where our national animal(tiger) lives. if you do not value your life you will go honey hunting with men who belive in over 18 different gods. but so far, no one has died. what religion are you? me is a muslim.
  5. Idk if you have your own english words for things or if you use American or Canadian phrases but Candy Floss is Cotton Candy so your not confused ^_^.. it's like everywhere! And Hetalia is the best anime ever.. if you are of the girl species you will love it! The girls in the anime are very funny so they aren't like "Grr I hate that girl" and the boys are all really cute *-*.. and hilarious.. There is no Bangladesh character but there also is no Ireland character.. ;[ we're both new countries ;D, Cept i'm really old but new from being out of the UK. Do you have any famous landmarks or buildings in Bangladesh? We have the blarney castle here and amazing! cliffs..
  6. oh man! bangladesh lost by 2 runs! how pathetic is that! oh we use tk or taka. our notes a pretty, theres a little white circle in the midle and if you hold it in the light you'll see our national animal. same here! i've been waiting for full a year but it still hasn't come! you have candy floss? i can't find it anywhere ;(! uh all the cheap gum here are worth a coin, while the normal gum is 1tk . . . ah it was fine. indepence day is comig so no school till next tuesday! yipee! i got no anime but i'm checking out Nineteen, Twenty-one, the manga. it sounds cute. i'm still reading the third chapter though.
  7. You use euros too!? Or is that like 20U.S dollar or O_O.. what do you use? 20 pieces of gum cost like 2Euros here.. if it's cheap then 1Euro ;3 I want that gum! D;<!! I love Candy Floss it's really.. O_O.. NOM!! <-- perfect word!
    I don't get pocket money but if I go to buy the food I get to spend the extra moneys on treats xD
    So how is your day? Any new anime or manga?
  8. ooooo! well in my house, i get some pocket money from mom every month, only 20 though. but with that, i can by 20 pieces of gum! hehe you a gum freak? lately there's been a brand in india, first its like cotton candy, then watch as it magically turns into chewing gum in your mouth! cool isn't it? i'm waiting for the brand to come to bangladesh so i can try it! omg! today is bangladesh's match against pakistan! oh bangladesh, kick pakistan's butt like you did in 1971!
  9. ;3 haha.. I can't either it's a really old language song.. like some type of urdunt, russian ;D
    But I am a really big fan of Eurovision.. You probably don't know what it is but it's a music contest
    between all the european countries and north african/middle eastern. <-- some..
    AND THANKS! ;D I'm hoping for a Ipod and 50Euros.. <-- gonna buy a ton of candy!
  10. LOL that little nanu is sooo cute! and your right, the song is catchy(even though i didn't understand a word ;P ) oh thats awesome! its was your birthday? oh thats just sad! well i guess at least you'll be able to hope what you get for a present a bit longer. wait that doesn't help does it? sorry . . . happy birthday anyway
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