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  1. oh okay. . .
    oh nooooo!!!
    i found out something!
  2. 24:20 it's late XD but I rarely sleep so it's fine
  3. erm, what time
    is it
    6:14am here
  4. No, I haven't heard it i'll try it though! And dark paradise is my favorite song of hers XD It's stuck in my head..
  5. i've heard of her too! she looks very sweet like her voice though the only songs i've heard of hers are 'born to die' and 'dark paradise'. have you heard of shattered by trading yesterday? its a very nice song, you should hear it!
  6. I love Dido and Evanescence! There both really really cool! Dido has.. a hauntingly beautiful voice! Have you heard Lana Del Rey? Her voice is beautiful too.. her songs seem to have alot of emotion behind them.. someone clearly hurt her and you can hear it in her songs
  7. lol lets not discuss about what i thought exactly. i like evanescence, dido, 3 days grace, 3 doors down and pitbull. you should listen to 'bring me to life' by evanescense, 'i write sins not tragedies' by panic! at the disco, 'Meant to live' by switchfoot, 'weak and powerless' by the perfect circle and last but never the least 'broken' by seether feat. amy lee. these are my favourite, and yours?
  8. 18 places? Hehe.. I don't understand
    But other than that who are some
    singers you like? So I can get to hear
    what you like to hear ;D!
  9. um i'm still here, my mom came a while ago to tell me to go to sleep
  10. uh, where?
    uh i have 18 places poping in my head
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