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  1. It means.. I'm living the dream baby! ;D How more successful can I get.. I mean i'm the main entertainment at disco night ☼.☼
  2. uh you wrote your occupation as a full-time didco ball. so that means
  3. I like techno and pop and all that.. even some disco XD, generally anything thats catchy to me at that time.. I'm really getting into Eurovision at the moment so plently of lovely new songs <3
  4. oh i just saw a message you sent. no they don't sell much manga but they sell english and american comics and theres a huge ton of books. if you go to a place called nilkheth youll get a loot books cheap ! i like alternative rock and accoustic songs, and you?
  5. Do you mean the shamrock..? I don't believe thats on our flag..
    But shamrocks are famous for Ireland.. ;D! Come to Ireland and i'll show you how to party the Shamrock way xD!
    Sorry I remember that from a song XD But the Irish flag has three stripes.. not very unique but we have the color orange.. it's pretty ;D
  6. oh yeah i'm not going to go to bed yet ;D just so you know
  7. its cool my mom came to tell me to go to bed so i wasn't able to reply early either. by the way why is there a 4 point leaf in your national flag?
  8. And now finally NI is still part of the U.K and I live in the ROI [Republic of Ireland] Which is the south.. ;D There is no border and we can pass into each others country freely.. I also have a British passport and citizenship so it's all good now.. Some old people still remember the fighting but generally it's all gone. We use the euro and the U.K uses the pound XD
    that's all I know.. in short term

    Sorry split it into two because was too long.. I FAIL MY BAD
  9. We'll we're a country of mostly brown haired people.. not red like you'd think. We have no snakes.. there is no snake species that lives here naturally... Britain had ruled over Ireland ever since we needed help because the Vikings we're kkilling us.. And once the British became prostestant they began killing all Catholics [All of Ireland was Catholic] So when time came to win back our freedom Britain started doing mass genocides and let the Irish starve which is why most left.. And when we finally did get our freedom Britain didn't give us all of Ireland but only the southern "poor people" half.. They kept the northern half which is called "Northern Ireland" Most people in N.I are from Scottland.. Once we split we then had a civil war which is what some people view as the Irish Terrorists and some view as the Irish Saviors.. Because the IRA would bomb the North and kill British people there trying to remove them from Ireland..
  10. i don't like britain anyway . . . the place is full of snobs(no offense) yeah we're not white in any way but people who live in big houses or have good jobs are tanned. people who have small overcrownded houses and work out usually have a deep tan. anyway its getting annoying cause our political sides are failing and a lot of people are being tortured and killed as result . nothing to do with political parts i guess but a while ago a boat sang and 150 people died and 20 or so are lost at sea. so our population is falling rapidly. and tell me about ireland. when i was 6 i heard of the place and found the name 'magiclal' and i still do .
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