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  1. If I told you in
    Detail about my
    country you would
    not like Britain...
    XD but yeah
    it was a part of
    the U.K until
    we decided
    we didn't like tea
    and scones..
    So what exactly
    do people in
    Bangladesh look
    like.. Indians or
    South Asians
    (Thailand Laos, ect)
    xD I am curious
    because your sortof
    in the middle.. I think
    I sometimes fail at
    reading maps..
    ☼.☼ I need to pay
    someone to read my maps...
  2. he he , thanks! its nice to know that we can chat without waiting for a day to get an answer ! and actually the taught us that in the 5th grade so yeah i know! i heard from my mom that my granny use to run to different houses when mom was a kid! and my great granny was awesome. she was strong, her husband was not there at the time and she had to manage nine children and move to 10 different houses a week. so times were hard. we were independent from pakistan in 1971. what about ireland? tell me about your country :fly1:!
  3. Yeah, i'm here XD
    It's almost 20:00
    so I am free..
    We have alot of..
    Actually no we don't
    have many insects..
    or anything really
    your in asia!
    Do they sell manga
    like they do in China,Japan
    and Korea there?
    Or is that a east asian thing..
    They sell some manga here
    but not alot I mainly
    go to London to buy
    manga or read it

    What type of music
    do you like?
  4. oh god there are so many mosquitos (slaps one) by the way are you there?
  5. It means goodbye
    xD but yeah..
    We learn everything?
    haha a little bit of
    everything is
    what they teach..
    What do you learn
    in Bangladesh?
    I saw a episode on
    T.V that theres
    alot of drug runners
    in that country..
    Not implying you
    are one or know one
    I'm sure that's something
    they don't teach
    in school..
    I also learnt in school
    Bangladesh was only
    made independent like
    40 years ago..
    By the way
    I really like your profile
    picture! ;O!
  6. huh? isn't it a weekend in ireland? and lol thats sad, i find it weirder that people actually teach people they don't like . . . anyway what's Fodhlithe cara ? oh yeah i like history what do they teach there?
  7. No lazy friday
    for me today
    I have to go
    to Belfast for
    a school trip to
    a museum.. on
    British Art History
    xD It is truely
    boring.. And in some
    ways offensive because
    my teacher is British
    and she really doesn't
    like Irish people..
    Like why does she live
    in Ireland then!?..
    Some people in life
    just plain confuse me..
    Well Fodhlithe cara ;D
  8. i see . . . i like romance, historical and comedy also fantasy ones. i saw winter sonota (the animation), its so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes . . . you should watch it if you're in the mood to cry ! all you need is a dvd player, a tv, a nice bowl of popcorn(i have salt added to mine to minimize being high), a nice couch to sit on and you can watch it comfortably, don't forget tissues ;p! thats what i do on a lazy friday like today(just without salt or tissues ). what about you?
  9. I watched the
    Hetalia movie
    I laughed really
    hard xD
    Switzerland is
    even neutrual to
    outer space aliens..
    But yeah what kind of
    anime do you like?
    I like horror and action
    scy fy and fantasy is
    cool too.. I also
    like romance such as
    clannad and what not
    but I couldn't watch air..
    Felt like pedophilia by
    their size or age difference
    O_O.. men and women are
    about the same size here..
    So seeing that was like
    OK.. I guess she's just
    a midgit... or he's a giant
  10. Oh man! you're so lucky ! do you not have anything to do o_0? in my school i have a test almost every two days D: also have you watched any anime moives lately? i'd love to know!
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