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  1. yea know whatcha mean. i love yaoi. for my own reason hehehehe

    yea you will be. it just a matter of living ya life the way ya wanna live it

    i be myself an idc what nobody thinks that's the key pull ya self by the bra straps an move on that's my motto Lolz Take care sugha Friends, Raven.
  2. 37 is how old i am

    yea i guess i am a kid at heart :3 i am good. thanx for asking i hope Sopa just goes away or something.

    take care Friends, Raven
  3. I hope sopa doesn't pass here in US cause it's a stupid act.

    i wanna be able to look anime stuf an now be censored Btw I live in the US.
  4. cool. i'm kinda picky about what i watch as far as anime goes.

    i own quite a few DVD's of anime. i decided to start buying my dvd's online, instead of a store take care Pandi Friends, Raven.
  5. i was like out of high school when saw my first anime, which was sailor moon.

    i started reading manga in my 20's my first manga i read was shonen jump magazine, plus my first real manga was omg goddess that's a good manga plus i read kazekami kaito jeanna :3 what was your first anime an manga?
  6. my name is Raven ( and yes that's my real name)

    i'm 37 yrs old an hope it's okie if you are friends with an adult. lmk i love to draw too. i haven't drawn much lately take care Pandi :3
  7. no not into gundam seed, but i liked Gundam 00 that was a cool anime

    i like Bleach, Code Geass, Naruto, Hellsing, Durarara, CardCaptors, Inuyasha. :3 any other questions? feel free to ask
  8. yup it is

    hi nice to meet ya :3 thanx for accepting.
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