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  1. It's not outlawed now
    But when Britain owned us
    If you we're
    caught speaking it
    they shot you ;o!

    Edit: didn't read your last part
    But where do they speak
    Hawaiian outside of Hawaii..
    I need to get there! XD
    I love their words..
    Aloha and everything their
    fun to say..
  2. It's outlawed?:O

    So how is it even being allowed to be taught to anyone?

    Hawaiian and filopino are still spoken languages and they're even being spoken outside of those nations.
    And sorry to burst your bubble, but The Celts and the Romans did NOT have a common language since they were around at the same time, and the Celts were one of those "Savages" that the Romans subjugated.
    So nope, Celtic was also from Germanic origin.^^

    The languages that came from Latin (which was the original language of ancient Rome) are modern-day Spanish, Portugese, Italian, and I think one more, but that's why those languages have so many common words between them.
  3. Yeah the language
    would be used here today
    if it wasn't outlawed
    for centuries xD
    I am amazed we still use
    it.. I don't think it's
    gonna die for a very
    long time because it's
    survived alot already.
    But yeah it's sad how
    so many languages
    are dying out. Like
    Hawaiian and Filipino languages.
    But Irish/Gaelic isn't
    linked to the Germanic
    Language.. I believe it's
    linked a tad bit to Latin
    and majorly Celtic.
    So harhar!
  4. Well technically Irish IS a dead language, just like Welsh, and Hebrew, outside of those countries.

    But because each nation wants to maintain something of their own individual identities, they've made great efforts to teach these languages to the modern generation.
    So you're just apart of something that plenty of other young people are involved in.^^

    Lol, i know what you mean about German, but since English is a "Germanic" language, we kind of have to thank original German for having modern day English.xD
    I used to study French, and all I can tell you is if you want really want to learn the language, make sure that you have plenty of saliva, because in order to pronounce it the right way, you're going to be doing alot of spitting, lol.:P
  5. Hmm.. Why
    doesn't this
    site allow gaelic,
    Oh well I also
    can't view german
    many letters
    come out as
    "?" xD, that's
    their way of
    keeping it all
    I am really
    good at Irish
    in school though
    I'm not 100% fluent..
    My teacher
    says I speak it
    with a Cork accent
    and it disturbs her XD
    I think it's a dead
    language other than
    using it for secret
    talks or commanding
    people around..
    I want to learn
    French it's a
    exotic and romantic
    language ☼.☼
    Dutch and German sound
    rude and offensive
    like your spitting on
    someone and gagging..
    Makes you think
    "Who would invent this?!"
  6. XD

    I just hope that you're not one of that percentage.

    Haha, now you know.^^
  7. We'll.. I mean
    people get drunk
    here alot but usually
    it's the tourists..
    but I mean yeah..
    the drunk percentage
    here may be higher
    than most places.. XD

    Really? I always thought
    it's nature to just
    speed up and try
    to ignore the staring..
    Well, Fodhl?the cara
  8. Really? That's weird, because i've heard that stereotype from people from Ireland, and they seem to confirm it, so now i'm totally confused.^^
    You like history? I would never had figured that, well that's awesome, and I like history too, even though I wasn't a big fan of it in school.

    Yeah that is kind of strange, because the natural reactions to being stared at is to either ignore it, or stare back. O_O
  9. That's a bad
    It's not even an
    Irish one it's a
    Immigrant one..
    When Irish immigrants
    moved to America
    of course they drank
    alot because their lives
    sucked so.. people
    caught on and now
    we're known as drunks..
    It's fine though XD
    I've met some nice
    drunk people.. they like
    to hug! ;D
    I know alot about
    stereotypes not because
    of what they are but
    how they become that
    way.. Like something
    had to happen in history
    where that is now the
    way their thought of..
    I think it's interesting XD
    History in general is interesting..

    No.. noone has stared
    back at me.. Strange?
  10. It would probably be a drunken male.xD

    So have you been staring at anyone lately, and has anyone that you've stared at ever stare back at you?o.O
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